The Living Temple: S1 Ep5


Episode 5

The kingdom is where heaven and earth are meeting

“Humans, then, re-take on the task that they had in Eden. In Eden, in God's original temple, we were His images, we were like that Governor General, to represent His rule and reign in the world.”

We are currently living in a state longing for heaven and earth to be re-united. Like Tolkien’s words acknowledged in episode one: ‘everyone longs for Eden’. We are longing for a home, and that home we are created for is found only with our creator. 
Listen out for: 
+ Living in constant dissatisfaction 
+ Home is relational 
+ A temple is where you live with God 

Max Picard – The Flight from God (1951) 
John Steinbeck – East of Eden (1952) 
John Milton – Paradise Lost (1667)