The Living Temple: S1 Ep6


Episode 6

The kingdom is where heaven and earth are meeting

"If you're leading a life and you're doing what you want to do and disobeying, you're actually going to work against the flourishing of your temple… So seeing your life as a system, what you put into it shapes who you are and what comes out the other side, is a complete paradigm shift."

There are many times when we experience heaven and earth overlapping during church services or worship meetings but we need to see our whole lives as a space where heaven and earth can meet.  
Listen out for: 
+ Psalm 1 and the way to walk 
+ Humans live in systems – inputs and outputs 
+ Ways to flourish  

Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline (1990) 
Michael Wilcock – The Message of Psalms 1-72 (2001)