The Living Temple: S1 Ep8


Episode 8

That deeper space with God

"…inside of us is this holiest of holies. The sad thing is…imagine if it’s a room that never gets opened."

The great Christians throughout history have a commonality - a deep communion with God. While the holiest of holies in the Old Testament temple was cordoned off by a curtain, and only the high priest could enter; now, we are the temple, the holiest of holies is within us. This is the deeper level where it is you and God and He speaks to your soul in that space. 
Listen out for: 
+ The two levels in our inner world 
+ Heaven being inside of us 
+ The invitation is to walk with Him because He is always present 
+ What is the 'Shekinah Glory of God'?  

Thomas Kelly – A Testament of Devotion (1941)  
Tom Wright – Surprised by Hope (2007)