The Living Temple: S1 Ep9


Episode 9

From the temporal perspective to the eternal perspective

"It's something you have to practice and walk out. It's not a works thing, it's not like you have to do this to be saved. Because we're saved, we can enter into the presence. But this is a way of going deeper and being transformed in that glory."

Developing the discipline of being in God's presence, of being in constant communion with Him, we can be remade in His glory and it changes how we weigh things in our lives. 
Listen out for: 
+ Solomon, the temple, idols and God's presence 
+ Behind the scenes: simple prayer and inner worship 
+ Transition moments in our days 
+ Our attachment to the world 

J. Daniel Hays – The Temple and the Tabernacle (2016) 
Frank Lauback – Letters by a modern mystic (1937) 
Thomas Kelly – A Testament of Devotion (1941)  
Brother Lawrence - The Practice of the Presence of God (1692)