Rebuilders is an initiative started by Red Church to help churches, leaders, and believers grapple with the issues presented by an increasingly secular society. We firmly believe God is preparing to move and is rebuilding His Church with particular building blocks to enable her to flourish in a post-Christian, secular world. These blocks include:

WORD: a high view of scripture which leads to life in the kingdom, orienting our place in God’s salvation history
SPIRIT: grounded in the word are also Spirit-led: mobilised, empowered and dependent in and on the Spirit
CULTURE: can articulate, interpret and speak prophetically into contemporary culture
LEADERSHIP: have a leadership that is deeply formed and able to lead oneself, others and other leaders
DISCIPLESHIP: are equipped in showing their people how to follow Jesus, and forming deep disciples and leaders
MISSION: advancing the gospel throughout our neighbourhoods, cities and the nations
MOVEMENT: multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches; fulfilling the great commission

Rebuilders runs training seminars annually to equip churches to flourish in secular contexts by creating strong foundations out of these building blocks.